Review: Max FactorX MasterpieceMAX eyeliner and mascara


What’s one of my favorite things in the world?  Getting free stuff!  I received MaxFactorX MasterpieceMAX liquid eyeliner and mascara both in Velvet Black for free in my Influenster Endless Summer VoxBox.  Yes!  Free stuff.

Packaging.  The packaging for these two items is quite simple: black with gold accents.  The designs on the tubes remind me of an art deco style, full of glamour, which is probably a nod to their founder and namesake.  Max Factor, born Maksymilian Faktorowicz, was a makeup artist in the early 20th century who specialized in movie makeup.

pic_to_send (1)
MaxFactorX Masterpiece liquid eyeliner applicator.  Paddle shaped, one side is flat to pack color on and the side is thin for precise application

Eyeliner.  The eyeliner comes with a felt tip that is flat on one side, similar to a paddle and is skinnier on the sides.  The tip is firm and makes it easy to apply the eyeliner into the lash line and you can fake a tightline without actually having to tightline.  It’s super easy to control and draw a straight line onto your eyelid.  The pigment is quite dark, no complaints there.

Mascara.  The mascara wand is full of little spikes, which is effective for adding volume to lashes.  I don’t have many lashes, and they’re short, so volumizing mascara is what I need. I do like to wiggle the wand through my roots and I did find the spikes to be quite pokey compared to my normal mascara. I definitely scratch my sclerosis, which made me jump in surprise and a little pain.

The verdict. I’m almost out of my liquid eyeliner and always up for trying something new.  I have a bit of a challenge with my eyes because they are monolid, which means it looks like I have a giant flat surface on my eyes without a crease.  In fact, I do have a crease, but it’s hiding a bit underneath folds of skin.  Sounds cute huh?  Since my skin folds over onto itself, in addition to my oily skin, I have trouble finding eyeliners that won’t transfer.  This one sure did transfer.

Top photo: right after I applied the eyeliner and mascara at 8am.  Bottom photo: 3:30pm – there is some serious transfer and panda eyes.

The Good. The ease of the applicator and the pigment when first applied for the eyeliner. My lashes seem to be intact and the transfer was in the outer corner of my eyes, where I had lined them.

The Bad.  The panda eyes look is not cute. I worked from home, and I didn’t do much physically.  I suspect that if I had used this eyeliner and commuted to work on public transport, it may have transferred much quicker. I was hopeful for this product, but I will stick with my Make Up Forever Aqua Liner that costs 2.5 times more than this.

Who this would be good for. People with normal to dry skin and an eye with a visible crease who are looking for an affordable eyeliner and mascara. I would not recommend this for monolids, hooded eyes or anyone with oily/sweaty eyelids.


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